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Please take note of the following terms and conditions before proceeding with your Custom Order.

  1. Custom orders take 4-6 weeks to complete
  2. We do not accept supplied Fabrics, Trims and Finishes. Paizley will source all Fabrics, Trims and Finishes and supply the client with images prior to purchasing and processing.
  3. Consultations will only be facilitated upon acceptance of the quote.
  4. Images and Concepts of the Look you require will need to be supplied with the quote request in order for us to quote you.
  5. You will be required to attend 2 fittings and 3 if necessary, the first fitting will be for measurements, the second fitting will be to test the fit and the 3rd if required will be for final fitting. Thereafter your garment will be couriered to you.
  6. If you unable to attend a fitting, you will need to supply us with measurements. We will supply you with a measurement form and a video on how to take measurement. Please ensure you purchase a measuring tape at the time of your sending this order request. You can purchase a measuring tape at any Fabric Shop, Crazy Store or on Takealot. Here’s a few link: TakeAlot, Crazy Store
  7. We do not offer any alterations, returns or refunds on custom orders.
  8. We unfortunately do not offer Custom Orders for Pregnant Women.
  9. We only offer Custom Orders on Kids and Women’s Clothing, we do not make or create any other type of Accessories, Products and Men’s Clothing unless otherwise agreed upon.
  10. Full payment is required prior to proceed with your order and fabric purchasing.
  11. On the day of the Fabric Purchase, you will be required to be available for approval on Fabric Selection. Our Fabric Purchasing Day is Fridays between 9am and 12pm. If you are not available, we will contact you on the next Friday.
  12. All quotations will include the Fabric Price, Cost for Sewing and Detailing and Consultation.
  13. Additional changes, alterations and finishes not discussed in the initial consultation will be billed in addition with payment required prior to dispatch or your garment.
  14. Paizley reserves the right to cancel or reject any orders.
  15. No cancellations are allowed once the order has been accepted and payment completed.
  16. Should you cancel your order prior to payment, and after the consultation. You will liable for payment for the consult of R300.
  17. The tunraround time for your order will start from the day of sending your measurements/fitting together with full payment. No Exceptions.
  18. Once the garment is worn, Paizley accepts no responsibility for any of the following:
  • Beading falling off, getting loose or breaking, tearing
  • Shrinking or Expanding of the Garment Fabric
  • Tears, Rips or Cuts of the Garment
  • Fading of Fabrics, Trims, Beading
  • If your body size changes, we are not responsible for any alterations at any time.
  • Colour changing or washing off or fabic colours, beading, trims or accessories.

Paizley ensures to do a thorough quality control prior to sending out any custom orders. You can rest assured that we will supply you with a quality finished product. If you encounter any issues with the garment supplied, you will need to contact Paizley within 7 days of receipt of your garment and advise us on the issue accompanied with pictures of the issue. It is at this point we will take accountability and rectify any issues if it is the fault on Paizley.

19. All custom orders should be gentle hand wash in cold water. We do not advise you to wash your custom garment in warm/hot water and in a washing machine or steam cleaning. Due to the delicate nature of the garment, washing the garment could results in garment issues, this is not the responsibility of Paizley.

20. Our custom orders start from R2000 for Kids and R4000 for Adults.



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